Travel Pillow by Little Cloud Nine – The Best Travel Pillow For Long Distance Flights


Whether you’re flying redeye across the country or on a long haul around the world, rest easier with the Little Cloud Nine travel pillow as your most comfortable long distance companion.



NEED A GOOD FLIGHT’S SLEEP? – Travel in complete comfort, then arrive fully rested and recharged with the Little Cloud Nine travel pillow – it makes coach sleep feel like first class!
DESIGNED FOR LONG DISTANCE TRAVEL – The Little Cloud Nine travel pillow is unique designed to support your face much like a chiropractor’s table, so you can rest and relax in an amazingly comfortable sitting position, keeping your head, neck, and spine aligned.
VENTED HEAD SUPPORT – The upper and lower air chambers of this travel pillow allow you to breathe while your head and neck are supported and face your is concealed – we all need privacy for our sleeping faces!
COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE – Our travel pillow inflates with just a few breaths of air, and easily deflates into a nomadic book-size that fits into any carry-on bag.
ALL YEAR ROUND USE – When you’re not globetrotting, you can un-velcro the tube-shaped travel pillow into a flat cushion, and use it as a backrest for routine car travel for your everyday commute.